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Monday, January 2, 2012

Mob Wives Recap: New Year, New War

Season 1 of VH1′s reality hit Mob Wives ended with two cast members coming to blows at a roof top lounge, another contemplating drastic plastic surgery and the last dealing with her formerly incarcerated husband back in the outside world. So what drama will come this season for our favorite “connected” ladies? Read on to find out.
Season 2 of Mob Wives begins with Renee Graziano, the daughter of incarcerated high-ranking mob member Anthony Graziano, heading to the plastic surgeon for a full body makeover that includes a tummy tuck and butt lift.  Nervous and excited, Renee Graziano goes under the knife, only to wake up in recovery and rip some of her stitches while trying to sit up.

We join Carla Facciolo (above) and Drita Davanzo having some drinks by the pool and discussing the demise of Drita’s marriage to Lee Davanzo, who has been incarcerated all but 2 years of their marriage. Last season Drita Davanzo found out that during the 2 years he was out he had cheated on her. She met with an attorney to discuss her divorce options. Carla Facciolo, who has also dealt with an incarcerated husband, hands out some advice to Drita Davanzo on re-entering the singles scene.
Renee Graziano had to spend 16 days in the hospital and have a blood tranfusion, results of ripping her stitches and continue her recovery. Thankfully son, AJ, is there to help. While in the hospital most of the other ladies showed their support with phone calls and visits, but not Carla Facciolo, who only sent her one text.  Carla claims that the text was never answered and she had no idea that Renee was in such bad shape.
Karen Gravano, the daughter of disgraced and incarcerated mob informant Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, visits Renee Graziano after she returns home from the hospital. Renee is not only dealing with the pain of the surgery, but with the mental aspect of a very difficult recovery. She claims that the surgery was the “dumbest thing I have ever done”, and makes Karen Gravano swear not to tell Carla Facciolo or Drita Davanzo that she now feels that way about her decision to have the surgery.
We next join Drita Davanzo, a self-proclaimed fighter, meeting up with a boxing instructor to work out her aggression. Some of her aggression revolves around Karen Gravano, who dated her soon-to-be-ex-husband. The ladies seem to disagree about the timeline of both of their relationships with Lee, which lead to the rooftop brawl last season.
Karen Gravano (below) is meeting up with her friend Ramona, when she receives a text from Drita Davanzo claiming that she wants to make up. Karen thinks the message means nothing because of things she is hearing that Drita said behind her back.

After finding the mental recovery difficult, Renee Graziano meets with a new therapist to discuss her depression.  She also discusses her friendship with Carla Facciolo, her oldest friend among the group. They had a disagreement last season about Carla’s now former boyfriend. Renee thinks that Carla should have put all issues aside and come and seen her at the hospital.
After therapy, Renee decides to throw herself a birthday party to celebrate her life. She tells Drita that she is not inviting Carla because she is still so hurt. She asks Drita Davanzo if she and Karen can please “stay in their corners” so there won’t be any drama.
Drita next meets up with Carla Facciolo and tells her about the birthday party and the fact the Renee is not inviting her. Carla still claims she had no idea that Renee was ever that sick.



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