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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Plastic surgeon gives lift to Mob Wives

This is one helluva family practice.
Dr. Andrew Klapper has nipped and tucked his way to being the plastic surgeon to La Cosa Nostra — or at least their celebrity wives and daughters.
The 40-year-old Brooklynite’s scalpel has gone where many fear to slice — on three of the six divas from the VH1 show “Mob Wives.”
“Every doctor I see is petrified of my father,” said Renee Graziano, daughter of reputed Bonanno crime family consigliere Anthony “The Little Guy” Graziano.
“Do I think some of them think in the back of their head, ‘If I f--k up, I’m dead?’ Yes.
“But I don’t think he has to worry about my father — he has to worry about me!”
That’s been the case on season two of the show, where Graziano has hardly given Klapper a standing ovation for the full body lift he performed on her this summer.
“It’s a plastic-surgery nightmare,” she said on the season premiere. “I went in beautiful, and I came out ugly.”
Graziano, 42, who forked over $40,000 for the body lift, skin resurfacing and Botox, said she lost three pints of blood, had to be hospitalized for 16 days — and after all that, was left with a butt as flat as a slice of mortadella.
The doctor stood by his work, saying the proof is in the prosciutto: “She looks great,” he told The Post.
Klapper claims he’s not worried that one slip could leave him trading in his loafers for cement boots.
“Mobster, model, mogul — it doesn’t matter to me. The stakes are just as high across the board,” he said.
Klapper’s handiwork can also be seen on goombette Karen Gravano, 39, daughter of Sammy “Bull” Gravano, the notorious Mafia turncoat who did in Gambino crime family don John Gotti.
He rubbed out Gravano’s double chin, a trait the busty bambina said she inherited from her father. He’s also injected away her lines and wrinkles, for a total price tag of about $10,000.
“I don’t want a surgeon operating on me that’s scared of me,” said Gravano.
“He looks at every one of his patients as an individual, and not their last name — and that’s why his results are so good.”
A publicist for “Mob Wives” would not confirm whether any other wives have seen Klapper. But a source said Drita Davanzo, the wife of reported Bonanno associate Lee Davanzo, was also a client.
Klapper sold his Staten Island practice in November. At his Upper East Side office, the doctor says he’s still mobbed — by billionaires and models.
“They’re much more difficult to deal with.”


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