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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gambino turncoat awaits sentencing for his role as a cabby in assualt of Guardian Angel

Cropped version of photo. West Indian Day para...A murderous mob rat who tried to help the feds bring down John “Junior” Gotti will soon reap his reward.
A judge yesterday set a July 10 sentencing for ex-Gambino soldier Joseph “Little Joey” D’Angelo, who switched sides in 2005 just ahead of his trial alongside the son of “Dapper Don” John Gotti.
D’Angelo admitted serving as a fake cabdriver in the 1992 abduction and near-fatal shooting of Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa, which D’Angelo said came after the younger Gotti ordered a “hospital beating” for Sliwa as revenge for bad-mouthing his dad on the radio.
But the younger Gotti was never convicted, scoring four hung juries by claiming he quit the mob after pleading guilty to racketeering in 1999.
Sliwa said yesterday that he owed D’Angelo a “wink” for confirming his account of the shooting, but added: “He knew what they were planning to do with me, so for that he should burn in Hell without an asbestos suit for perpetuity.”
D’Angelo, who’s admitted committing two mob murders, also testified that he inadvertently sparked the notorious 1989 killing of Yusuf Hawkins in Bensonhurst by telling a buddy to protect his store from an expected black gang.


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