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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mob Wives recap: Angry birds

Though the 'Mob Wives' had heftier family issues to confront, the chirping between Drita's camp and Karen's continued.
Drita went on a mission to tame her aggressiveness, so naturally she went to Evolution Boxing to improve her high-flying right hooks. She reminisced to the camera about the first time she let her fists go in kindergarten. The taunts from a bad haircut and parents' fashion choices did not go unpunished. When her daughter later asked her, "do you fight?" on the heels of a police officer's visit at school, Drita froze. Her eyes bulged as she struggled for the right answer while VH1 aired clips from the last two seasons. With the hair tugging, fist punching and yelling swirling in her memory, she was saved by the telephone.
Renee Junior 2.20.12.jpgRenee Graziano sees a therapist with ex-husband Junior Pagan to work on their relationship.
Her soon to be ex-husband Lee called from prison to acknowledge the pain he caused by cheating and apologized. Leaving him in the dust may not be the clean getaway Drita had once envisioned.
Karen and Ramona hit up their old stomping ground, Mike's Unicorn Diner, to discuss making good with Carla. She's not a bad person, she's just loyal and gullible. According to Ramona it's, "Double D. No Drita, no drama."
Carla met Drita at Vesuvio in Brooklyn to break the news of how she broke bread with Ramona. Drita wasn't thrilled. She shared her apprehension with Big Ang at Wolfe's Pond Park. She offered some pretty sage advice: Get over it, you're tough, there's nothing to worry about.
That's "old nonsense. Let's grow up and be women," Ang told the cameras. Truer words could never have been spoken. The show's most comedic star with the bright spirit may have competition from Little Louie, the new pooch she strutted into Pup Hollywood for designer clothing. In her hay day, Big Ang used to get "cats flown in from other countries" when dating wise guys. Now, after dating a "mental case," she had to get the furry puppy all on her own. At least the date showed up to Sunday dinner with flowers and a knife that doesn't show fingerprints though.
Karen worked to quell her defensiveness with an interview coach as she prepped for a media tour of her controversial book, "Mob Daughter." The cover girl for Mob Candy magazine was faced with questions about her father's involvement in the mafia and his past decisions. Not to mention a rousing phone call from her man back home in Arizona, who's fed up with the single dad lifestyle.
Renee came to the realization that the fairytale reunion with her ex won't be a happy romance after all. After a couples therapy session, Renee left in tears while Junior shut her out in anger. The session revealed the origin of her insecurities and body issues due to Junior's unkind verbal jabs in the past.
She later offered counsel to Ramona, whose boyfriend was on his way to the slammer, and Drita, who potentially might work out her relationship with Lee. When rewinding her advice, Renee got emotional as a light went off. Mending her relationship with Junior may not be the best thing for her future after all.
Quotable: "My advice to Carla is, you're going to have so much [expletive] on you from Drita, that you might as well buy diapers now." – Ramona Rizzo



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