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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mob Wives go nuts in the Poconos

After the Halloween party smoke cleared, the women decided it was time for some peace and quiet. Karen and Ramona met Big Ang and Carla for lunch to discuss taking a trip to the Poconos in Pennsylvania.
The fun loving peacemaker Big Ang unfortunately couldn't make the trip due to thyroid surgery, which was probably less painful than the cabin fever she would have been stuck with in the woods.
drita 3.11.12.jpg
Drita looks to curb her temper with anger management.
Apparently, there were no hard feelings for Carla who couldn't make it to Ramona's Halloween party. Team Karen recognized her loyalties still lie with Drita. When Carla suggested inviting Drita to the trip however, she was met with, "What about Drita?"
Carla met her pal Drita at Wolfe's Pond Park to discuss her misgivings about leaving her behind for the trip. Drita wasn't too worried though and had a plan to keep busy: anger management therapy.
In her first session, she explained to the wide eyed therapist the root of her temper issues traced back to her childhood. She reminisced about an incident in high school where bullies taunted a child in a wheelchair and she retaliated by attacking them. She also – of course – explained her frustration with the antagonizing ways of Karen and Ramona.
Too bad Renee couldn't get in on the anger management therapy too.
After she barked at Junior and AJ to come down for breakfast, she gave her ex-husband a fancy watch for his birthday. His deadpan "I like it" wasn't the reaction she hoped for and added an expletive to the traditional birthday wishes. It probably was deserved though due to the shady text messages on his phone from an old fling, who likely works as a hairstylist since Renee repeatedly mentioned her desire to use the ex-girlfriend's scissors to stab her in the neck.
The Poconos trip with the girls should help relax her right? Think again. When Karen, Ramona, Carla and Renee reached their cabin, they weren't too thrilled with the locale. Once all the Louis Vuitton suitcases and furs were brought in the cabin, it was time for a nice game of cards and dinner, aka a brawl waiting to happen.
A nice dose of vodka, or as Renee called it, "devil water," and a break from her antidepressants, led to an evening of erratic and emotional outbursts. After ranting about Junior's ex-girlfriend it was time to find out if Ramona did in fact mouth off about Junior solely marrying Renee for her father's money.
Ramona swore on her children that she never said such a thing, so naturally Renee directed her anger back at Drita who must have lied, and Carla who, well, is the perennial sidekick, Drita backer and punching bag.
Karen sat back exhausted waiting for the storm to pass. Once Renee's temper cooled and she admitted to overreacting, the ladies enjoyed fun filled days of horseback riding and fishing on Lake Harmony that brought back childhood memories with their fathers.
The good spirits were short-lived though after they ventured for a night out at a local, aptly named bar Shenanigans. A man sidled up to their table talking nuts and squirrels and his creepy attempt at flirting quickly rubbed Renee the wrong way. Though security kicked him out, Renee was ready to bounce back to Staten Island and called for Junior to pick her up.

Quotable: "Out of everybody in the bar, he had to go after the biggest drama queen. Please, anyone, don't start with Renee because it's going to get so loud, so ugly, so dramafied." – Ramona Rizzo



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