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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Govt plans to introduce new evidence linking murder of NYPD cop to Tommy Shots during sentencing

They’ll take another shot at him.
Federal prosecutors will introduce new evidence linking former Colombo crime family boss Thomas “Tommy Shots” Gioeli to the execution murder of an NYPD officer when the mobster is sentenced for other crimes.
Prosecutors hope the new information — which they don’t describe, and didn’t introduce at Gioeli’s trial — will persuade a judge to hit the wiseguy with the top penalty for his conviction on three murder-conspiracy charges.
“The government will urge the court to impose a sentence of 20 years — the maximum sentence permitted by law,” Assistant US Attorney Elizabeth Geddes wrote in a letter to Judge Brian Cogan yesterday.
Last month, a Brooklyn federal jury acquitted Gioeli of Officer Ralph Dols’ murder — a hit ordered solely because the officer had married the ex-wife of a high-level mobster.
Despite the acquittal, a judge still may consider a wide range of information when sentencing Gioeli in the fall.
Prosecutors are trying to block Gioeli’s request to get out on bail while awaiting sentencing. They argue that the wiseguy poses a danger to others.


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