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Monday, June 4, 2012

Mark Rossetti jury selection may begin today

Jury selection could begin today in the first of a series of criminal trials expected to keep reputed mob boss Mark Rossetti in courtrooms straight through the fall.
The Herald reported Saturday that prosecutors for Attorney General Martha Coakley have been barred from introducing any evidence of a mafia background in their breaking-and-entering case against Rossetti.
Suffolk Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Locke ruled at a pretrial hearing Friday it was “not directly relevant” to the 2010 Hyde Park burglary in which Rossetti, 52, of East Boston and Yasmani Quezada, 31, of Medford are charged and facing trial this week.
Coakley spokesman Brad Puffer declined to comment yesterday on Locke’s decision, citing the pending trial.
Quezada was one of Rossetti’s top soldiers, according to a chart of their gang’s hierarchy released by multiple law-enforcement agencies after the two men’s 2010 indictments by a statewide grand jury — along with 29 alleged underworld associates.
Rossetti will be tried separately on additional charges of extortion, drug trafficking, robberies and assaults. Rossetti is not charged with murder, but state trooper Nunzio Orlando testified at Friday’s hearing that his “reputation is he’s a killer, that he’s killed numerous people.”
During a yearlong investigation into Rossetti’s crew, state authorities reported executing 30 search warrants and seizing $1.3 million in cash associated with illegal gaming and loan sharking, $120,000 in drug money, more than a kilo of heroin, 200 pounds of marijuana, nine scales, a heroin press, a police scanner, two bullet-proof vests, a pipe bomb, a replica Uzi machine gun, a rifle, a loaded handgun and five motor vehicles.



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