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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mob thug sobs before getting 8 years in prison

A tough-guy mobster was sentenced yesterday to nearly eight years in the slammer — after breaking down in tears while begging for mercy.
Christopher Colon, whom the feds call an “enforcer” for the Gambino crime family, pleaded guilty in February to a slew of crimes that included running down a Queens man with his infant son in the car.
The 2010 vehicular attack left the 61-year-old victim with a broken knee and collarbone after he tried to help out a neighbor with whom Colon was loudly arguing over an extortionate, $2,000 loan.
In a failed bid for leniency, Colon, whose emotions forced a brief interruption of his sentencing in Manhattan federal court, submitted a doctor’s note saying he suffers from “testosterone deficiency.”


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