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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tony Soprano reunites with his crew on Nickelodeon

James Gandolfini
After five long years, the ‘Sopranos’ stars will reunite ... on Nickelodeon.
James Gandolfini is making a cameo alongside tough guys Michael Imperioli, Tony Sirico and Vincent Curatola in Nickelodeon’s upcoming kids TV movie ‘Nicky Deuce,” Deadline reports.
The new film is based on the children’s book co-written by “Sopranos” scribe Steve Schirripa, who also produces and stars in the project.
The film is about a nerdy, over-protected teen named Nicholas Borelli "Noah Munck" who spends a summer with his Italian American family in Brooklyn.
According to the site, Gandolfini plays Bobby Eggs, a shady guy from the neighborhood who unintentionally mixes up with Nicholas.
The film is set to premiere next year on Nickelodeon and Canada’s YTV.


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