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Monday, October 1, 2012

Skinny Joey Merlino sets the record straight on his life in Florida after recent news reports

AFTER a story about his Florida lifestyle ran in Sunday’s Miami Herald, Joey Merlino contacted reporter Julie K. Brown to offer his response: Merlino said that he has never taken drugs in his life.
He called Stephen LaPenta’s comments “lies” and said that he doesn’t drive a Mercedes or any other vehicle. He added that he, his wife and children spent much of the summer together at his Boca home.
The carpet-installing business, he said, is not his occupation, but he declined to say how he is earning a living. “I do not work in the carpet business,” the onetime mob boss said.
When asked why he chose Boca Raton for his new residence, he said simply, “I like it here.”
Merlino added that the name of his Wi-Fi connection was just a coincidence. “I don’t even know what the Pine Barrens is,” he said.



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