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Monday, November 26, 2012

Cinemax developing new NY mafia series

David Graziano offers the premium network a modern day look at the changing face of organized crime.

Screenwriter and executive producer David Graziano is having a very productive TV development season. In addition to lining up a drama on NBC, Graziano also has a project in play at Cinemax.

According to Deadline, Graziano has closed a deal with Cinemax to write and produce “The Sixth Family,” a potential TV series that will explore how the world of organized crime in New York City has drastically changed since 9/11.

The report states that “The Sixth Family” will be based on true stories, including some from Graziano himself from the personal relationships he had with people on both sides of the law. While “The Sixth Family” will likely have some action in it, the premise seems to be very different from Cinemax’s more action oriented series like “Strike Back,” “Hunted” and the upcoming “Banshee.”

Graziano got his start on TV as a staff writer on “Felicity” before going on to several series including “Las Vegas,” “Terra Nova,” “Daybreak,” “In Plain Sight,” “Lie to Me,” “Southland” and “Miracles.”

Over at NBC, Graziano is developing “Bloodline;” which follows a young woman named Bird Benson who discovers that her birth mother is part of an ancient line of mercenaries and assassins. To have any hope of a normal life, Bird must find a way to defeat her mother in armed combat.

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