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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Feds deny Whitey Bulger's immunity claims

Federal prosecutors are scoffing at James “Whitey” Bulger’s demand for a trial delay while also shooting down the mobster’s “absurd” claim he had immunity while on his alleged murder spree in the 1970s.
In a stinging response, Assistant U.S. Attorney Brian T. Kelly accused Bulger’s legal team of playing to the judge in claiming they had too much work to plow through.
He also slams the defense team’s argument Bulger had immunity during his reign of terror on the streets of South Boston.
“Put simply, someone who thought he had immunity would not pay a corrupt FBI agent thousands of dollars in cash, as Stephen Flemmi has admitted that he and Bulger paid to John Connolly,” the feds state in court papers filed tonight.
Prosecutors also argue someone with immunity would not go on the lam for 16 years.
“Someone who thought he had immunity from prosecution would not go on the lam for sixteen years nor would he assume so many alternate identities,” the feds add. “Obviously, James Bulger never once thought he had legal immunity for is crimes and that is why he was a fugitive for so long.”
Bulger’s lead attorney, J.W. Carney, has said he needs more time to sift through 366,000 pages of documents, 100 recorded phone calls, dozens of videos, relating to the FBI’s investigation and its decades-long relationship with Bulger. Carney also said he needs to have 1,038 wiretap conversations transcribed.
He is looking to postpone Bulger’s trial from March to November.
Bulger’s legal team has also confirmed the late U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Jeremiah O’Sullivan is the federal law enforcer they and the mobster claim granted him a license to kill in the 1970s.
The feds say in papers filed tonight that no such deal was ever offered by O’Sullivan.



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