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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another Montreal mobster is shot

Man shot in Ahuntsic has ties to Mafia
Violence continues to plague northern Montreal as a man with known ties to the Mafia in Montreal was injured in a shooting in broad daylight Monday morning.
Police sources confirmed the victim of a shooting on St. Laurent Blvd. is Giuseppe Fetta, 33, a man known to police in the past in particular for his ties to Francesco Del Balso, a young leader in the Mafia who is currently serving a lengthy prison term.
Fetta was taken to a hospital after having been shot at around 10:10 a.m. on St. Laurent between Sauriol and Fleury Sts. He was shot at least once while standing beside a car when the shooter came up on foot. After firing, the man ran off.
Montreal police Constable Anie Lemieux said Fetta was treated for injuries that were considered serious and that no arrests had been made.
Two police sources confirmed the injured man is Fetta. One said that in recent months Fetta is believed to have associated with Andrea "Andrew" Scoppa, 48, a convicted drug trafficker known to have ties to the Mafia in Montreal for several years. According to court records, about a decade ago Scoppa got involved in a dispute with members of the Hells Angels over who controlled certain parts of northern Montreal and required the input of Mafia leaders to negotiate a settlement.
Last week, Scoppa’s brother Salvatore, 42, and three other men were arrested and charged following an investigation, by the Montreal police North Operations Centre, into drug trafficking in northern parts of the city.
On Nov. 15, Tony Gensale, a 43-year-old convicted drug dealer, was fatally shot close to the location of Monday’s attempt on Fetta. Two days after Gensale was killed, Mohamed Awada, 47, a man who had been arrested in the past with Salvatore Scoppa in 2008 in a kidnapping case involving extortion, was shot to death near his home on Leblanc Ave.
At least two arson fires, set recently in bars in northern Montreal, are believed to be related to a dispute between drug traffickers in the area, either over turf or outstanding debts, a police source told The Gazette.
Lemieux said the fact that Fetta was shot so close to where Gensale was killed is certainly something investigators will look into. But she also said it is too early to draw conclusions linking any of the shootings to each other. It is also not clear whether Gensale had ties to Awada or Fetta, police sources said on Monday.
Fetta was included among the many people arrested in Project Colisée in 2006, along with Del Balso.
In 2008, Fetta pleaded guilty to possession of a prohibited firearm and committing an offence for a criminal organization. He received a suspended sentence. The charges involved a part of the Colisée investigation that targeted Del Balso. Police obtained video footage of Fetta and two other men as they handled firearms, on Sept. 4, 2006, inside a garage used to store cars. The garage was located on St. Laurent near Sauriol, close to where Fetta was shot Monday.
When police raided the garage, on Sept. 12, 2006, they found two semi-automatic rifles, a semi-automatic pistol, two bulletproof vests and ammunition.



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