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Friday, March 8, 2013

Judge denies Gambino mobster's request to travel to Atlantic City to play poker

A Gambino wiseguy who doubles as a professional poker player just lost a big hand in court.
A federal judge shot down a request by Lee Fama, 44, to play in a World Series of Poker championship event this weekend at the Caesars Atlantic City casino.
Fama — who’s on bail awaiting a marijuana-distribution conspiracy trial — has a sharp record at the table, raking in $22,000 in three matches in Atlantic City last year.
But in the eyes of the judge, a full house just isn’t the right hand for a Bensonhurst made man who might be headed for the big house.
The “defendant’s request . . . to permit him to travel to Atlantic City for a poker tournament is denied,” Brooklyn federal Judge Dora Irizarry wrote yesterday.
“The court finds that gambling is not appropriate activity for someone under federal indictment and with a curfew,” the judge continued.



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