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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Drita D'Avanzo from Mob Wives opens new Staten Island cosmetics business

Just Me Cosmetics by Mob Wives' Drita D' D'Avanzo
Using fame, industry experience and "connections" to top make-up artists in television and film, Drita D'Avanzo of VH1's "Mob Wives" has opened a storefront in West Brighton for her Just Me Cosmetics line.
Having always dreamed of being an entrepreneur, Ms. D'Avanzo, a former model, developed her own make-up line, and recently opened an approximately 500-square-foot Forest Avenue storefront decorated in nothing but old Hollywood glam.
Flashy red walls provide the backdrop to the black leather-clad make-up/hair stations.
And there's no mistaking this shop for anything other than one owned by a "Mob Wives" cast member -- Ms. D'Avanzo's stylists and make-up artists wear black T-shirts that say "Drita's Mob," and there are baseball caps for sale with "Lady Boss" inscribed on them.
"When I was modeling, I used to see how the make-up artists made me look, and I loved it. When I started doing make-up, I had a knack for it," Ms. D'Avanzo said.
"So if I didn't get the modeling job, I got the job as the make-up artist."
Later, Ms. D'Avanzo worked at make-up counters in high-end department stores.
There, she hand-picked all her favorite products -- many of which inspired items that are now part of her Just Me Cosmetics line.
"I loved Armani foundation, so I have something in my make-up line so similar to that. I wear it on the show, the girls (other "Mob Wives" cast members) wear it, too, and it's $20 less," she said, noting her new storefront is conveniently located across the street from fellow cast member Big Ang's bar, the Drunken Monkey.
"I make high-end products that are affordable."
Viewers of the hit reality show were privy to seeing Ms. D'Avanzo's new business endeavor go from idea to reality as it played out on the last season of "Mob Wives."
"I did everything from scratch, from the website to my cosmetics. I never hired anyone to do anything. When you're famous and on television you can easily slap your name on a product that you never even tried, but that's so not the case for me," she said.
Just Me Cosmetics 1224 Forest Ave.
Staten Island, N.Y., 10310

March, 2013
718-689-2733 or

Products and services
Just Me Cosmetics provides one-stop-shopping for high-end makeup products and makeovers.
In addition to selling a full line of Ms. D'Avanzo's own lipsticks, lip glosses, foundations, eye shadows, skin care and more, professional make-up artists and stylists -- many of whom work on the set of "Mob Wives" -- are available via appointment.
Ms. D'Avanzo also offers hair extension products and applications.
The store is set up to showcase Ms. D'Avanzo's makeup line, along with an array of her favorite fashion accessories and jewelry pieces, most of which are replicas of designer jewels worn by her on "Mob Wives."
"The bracelet that may be $4,000 that I wear on the show, I'll sell an exact (replica) for $25 or $30," she said.
Growth strategy
With "free advertising" via being showcased on "Mob Wives," Ms. D'Avanzo hopes to grow her client base.
Five-year goals
Driven to succeed, Ms. D'Avanzo plans to open a larger storefront for her Staten Island home base, and envisions a chain of stores across the country. 



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