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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mob connection in Hells Kitchen construction shooting

The hardhat grandson of a old-time Gotti associate is being investigated for orchestrating the shooting of his ex-boss at a Hell’s Kitchen construction site, sources said.
Robert Sasso, 32, was picked up today by Port Authority cops while trying to apply for a new job at the Local 15 training facility near JFK Airport, authorities said.
Sasso, whose granddad of the same name was a Teamsters president and known go-to man for John Gotti and Sammy the Bull, was spotted at the construction site on Ninth Avenue and West 49th Street yesterday around the time the foreman Louis Lamburini was shot in the shoulder.
Lamburini, who suffered a non-fatal injury, has been uncooperative with police -- leaving them to rely on surveillance video in identifying the shooter, sources said.
Anthony Manco, the suspected shooter, was arrested today in the Rockaways after cops found him driving the same stolen vehicle that was caught on video fleeing the shooting, sources said.
Investigators are trying to determine if Sasso was the getaway driver, sources said.
Manco told cops that Sasso asked him for a ride to the city on Monday but didn’t confess to the shooting, sources said.
"We have what we believe to be the shooter, his name is Anthony Manco, he was observed at scene yesterday,” top cop Ray Kelly said at a press conference.
Charges against Manco are still pending, cops said.
Sources said that Sasso and Manco are known druggies and friends.
The PAPD turned Sasso over to the NYPD, who questioned him regarding an unsolved murder in Queens -- he was not charged with that crime. He is being held in police custody on a traffic violation warrant, sources said.
Sasso, who at least 30 prior arrests for weapons possession, assault and drugs, was not charged with any crimes today.
His disgraced union leader grandfather pleaded guilty to racketeering in 1994 and was sentenced to 41 months in prison.
Police sources said that neither Sunday’s shooting nor the Queens murder are believed to be connected to organized crime.



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