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Friday, December 6, 2013

Violent Gambino crime family associate gets 12 years in prison for stabbing

Gambino associate gets 12 years for stabbing
A Gambino crime-family associate who beat charges he knifed the owner of popular Brooklyn pizza joint Lucali was sentenced to 12 years behind bars Friday for stabbing another man inside a Bay Ridge bar in an unrelated incident.
Battista “Benny” Geritano, 40, who was convicted last month of attempted assault stemming from his 2012 bar brawl with Nunzio Fusco inside the bar Nouveau, had to be silenced by Brooklyn Supreme Court judge Albert Tomei for his emotional outbursts.
“I never stabbed this man, Your Honor. She tells you nothing but lies,” the mobster said, referring to Brooklyn assistant district attorney Lindsey Gerdes.
“The defendant is a career criminal. The second he’s let out of jail he commits another crime,” Gerdes said calmly. “He has not changes. He is still a cold-hearted and cold-blooded criminal.”
Surveillance footage shown during the trial showed Geritano brandishing the blade before plunging it into Fusco’s gut.
Geritano could have faced 25 years to life if the judge had found him a persistent felony offender.
Previously the Gambino goon had been accused of slashing dough-tosser Mark Iacono in Carroll Gardens in 2011 over a reputed love triangle.
The former friends allegedly fought over the curvy Annete Angeloni, who was shacked up with Geritano when the jealous mobster accused Iacono of trying to steal her, sources have told The Post.
The case was dropped after both Iacono and Geritano refused to cooperate with authorities.
An FBI agent testified at Geritano’s 2011 federal probation hearing that the Gambino associate was suspected of committing “at least four” murders.



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