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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Colombo captain turned rat attempts to get out from 45 day prison sentence

Mob rat Reynold Maragni was sentenced to just 45 days for committing crimes while working undercover for the feds — and then tried to get out of serving the time behind bars.

An ungrateful mob rat caught committing crimes while working undercover for the feds tried to weasel out of serving a lousy 45 days behind bars, even though the judge could have sentenced him Monday to five years.

Ex-Colombo capo Reynold Maragni complained to his lawyer that he might lose his job in the witness protection program if he has to go in the slammer for marijuana trafficking, extortion and money laundering. His lawyer described his position as “manager” of a business, but provided no other details for security reasons.

Maragni, 61, had the gall to ask Brooklyn Federal Judge Kiyo Matsumoto if he could serve the sentence at home or on weekends.

The judge gave Maragni four months in prison, but with credit for time served it only amounts to 45 days. She said that’s “fairly modest” considering his treacherous behavior of collecting loanshark debts at the same time he was making secret recordings of mobsters for the FBI.



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