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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dead fugitive mobster tested positive for the AIDS virus

A federal investigator yesterday confirmed that fugitive Armond Dellacroce, son of a former top Mafia figure, tested positively for the AIDS virus after his death at Pocono Medical Center April 4.
U.S. investigator Victor Aboyski of the Eastern District of New York said Monroe County Coroner Robert Allen informed him last week of the preliminary test results and asked him to disseminate the information to people who may have had contact with Dellacroce, also known as Frank Trainer.
In a related matter, Aboyski said he plans to arrest several people within the next month in the Pocono area who aided Dellacroce before his death.
Dellacroce, the 31-year-old son of Aniello Dellacroce, the late underboss of the reputed Gambino crime family, pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy charges in December 1985 but skipped out before his sentencing, scheduled for March 31, 1986.
He was free on $250,000 surety bail posted by his aunt and uncle, Aboyski said. He declined to name the couple.
"I was told that he tested positive for AIDS," Aboyski said. "I took it assomething serious, very serious because we can't account for his movements; we don't know how many people he came in contact with."
Aboyski said Dellacroce and some associates assumed false names and have been hiding in the Poconos for two years.
Mount Pocono Police Chief David Swiderski, who is also involved in the federal investigation, said yesterday that Allen contacted him April 12 and told him that Dellacroce carried the deadly virus.
Allen said yesterday preliminary tests indicated that Dellacroce may have been a carrier, but stressed that conclusive tests will not be completed for about two weeks.
"AIDS had nothing to do with his death," Allen said. "The preliminary test was positive for the possibility of AIDS but I can't confirm that without a second test."
He said Dellacroce died of a cerebral hemorrhage attributed to alcoholic cirrhosis. "He died as a result of alcoholism," Allen said.
Medical Center spokesman Jack Coyle said it would be a breach of patient confidentiality to comment on Dellacroce's medical record.
Aboyski said he was reprimanded by Allen for confirming that Dellacroce tested positively as a carrier of the infectious virus but said he believes the most important issue at hand is to get the information to the public.
"I wasn't going to lie," he said. "I think it's important as a health reason because (Dellacroce) was a fugitive for two years. In the community you have a dangerous individual and now he died and we find out he was infected with an infectious disease. You'd think they would want to put the word out; (Allen) wants to keep a lid on it . . . that, to me, doesn't make any sense."
Because Dellacroce may have carried the AIDS virus, Aboyski said, the investigation into the fugitive Mafia man is complicated.
"I have two problems," Aboyski said. "Finding people who helped him and finding people who may have had sexual contact with him or shared a needle with him. It's a double-edged sword."
Dellacroce pleaded guilty to the racketeering conspiracy charge four days after his father died of cancer at the age of 71. The two Dellacroces and reported Mafia boss John Gotti were among 10 members of the Gambino group charged in a federal racketeering indictment in March 1985, Aboyski said. Two years later, he added, Gotti and six associates were acquitted.
"That's the real oddity," Aboyski said. "(Dellacroce) took a plea and took off."
Dellacroce, who lived at G-150 Snow Shoe condominiums on Route 196 in Mount Pocono, faced 20 years in prison and a $125,000 fine.
"We knew he was in the Pocono area," Aboyski said. "We knew that after he took off and we're pretty sure he wasn't by himself."
"I mean, he had to have associates. Think who called the hospital to get him picked up by an ambulance," Aboyski added. "You don't have to be a Dick Tracy to figure this out."
Swiderski said both he and federal investigators have located Dellacroce's girlfriend. Aboyski said she may be one of the people arrested within the month but declined further comment.
Aboyski said Dellacroce was known as a heavy cocaine user, which may have contributed to his death.
"I wasn't shocked," he said. "He's just another kid that went off the deep end."



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