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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Turncoat Bonanno captain asks judge to show leniency for son of Vinny Gorgeous

Ex-Bonanno capo asks judge to show leniency for mobster’s son
The same murderous mobster-turned-rat who helped get Vincent “Vinny Gorgeous” Basciano sent away for life has asked a federal judge to show leniency to the Bonanno boss’ drug-dealing son, claiming the 28-year-old could become “the next John Gotti” if sent to prison.

Ex-Bonanno capo Dominick Cicale, 46, wrote Manhattan federal Judge Richard Sullivan a July 3 letter saying he believes the jurist’s decision days earlier to sentence Joseph Basciano to six months in jail for running a marijuana enterprise with his two brothers would only lead him down the “path” to becoming a lifetime wiseguy.

“Everyone [in jail] will be watching, guiding and grooming him out of respect for Vincent Sr.’s stature and status,” Cicale wrote. “This good young man will walk out of federal prison feeling that he is the next John Gotti.”

Sullivan had actually cut Joseph a break, considering he faced up to two years in prison under his plea deal.

Cicale said he still recalls Joseph as the “smart college boy” he once knew before providing the “government with the nail in the coffin to convict” Papa Basciano, who is serving two lifetime sentences for murders.

Cicale had faced two life terms for the same murders the elder Basciano was convicted of, but Brooklyn federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis gave him a break for the “extraordinary assistance” he provided the feds, and Cicale was released in 2013 after spending nearly eight years behind bars.

Joseph Basciano and his brothers, Vincent Jr. and Stephen, were busted last September.



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