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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Acting Bonnano captain barred from attending his daughter's equestrian show

Alleged mobster barred from daughter’s equestrian show
Births, deaths and graduations are important life events — show jumping, not so much.

A reputed Bonanno acting capo under house arrest since January was barred from attending his daughter’s equestrian performance after prosecutors argued that it wasn’t an “important life event,” according to Brooklyn federal court papers

Jack Bonventre, who was busted in the sweep of top Bonannos that netted accused Lufthansa heist robber Vincent Asaro, had begged the feds to let him attend the Sullivan County show because he was his “daughter’s No. 1 fan,” according to court papers.

Bonventre’s attorney whined on the wiseguy’s behalf that he had been forced to miss all of her performances this summer and was desperate to catch her final appearance.

Prosecutors initially agreed to the day trip to Brook Edge Farms in upstate Ferndale but reversed course after officials argued that the allowance would be extravagant.

“The government respectfully submits that the defendant’s conditions should only be further modified in case of ‘important life events,’ which does not include his daughter’s horse show,” prosecutors wrote in pushing for a denial.

Judge Allyne Ross agreed and rejected Bonventre’s bid, papers say.



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