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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bonanno gangster Skinny Santoro shows chivalry isnt dead

Judge: Wiseguys can still be nice guys
Wiseguys turn rat at the drop of a dime these days, but chivalry is not dead in the modern mafia.

A Manhattan judge commended reputed Bonanno gangster Anthony “Skinny” Santoro for his “chivalry” in trying to protect his wife when cops showed up at his Staten Island home last year.

In a written decision issued Wednesday — denying Santoro’s motion to dismiss the charges against him and eight co-defendants busted last year for a variety of mob staple rackets including loansharking, drug dealing, perjury and firearm possessions — Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Melissa Jackson nevertheless noted, his “chivalrous nature” when cops showed up at his door with a search warrant in July 2013.

“Whatever you find in there that isn’t supposed to be there, it’s mine, not hers,” he told cops, referring to his wife.

Wrote the judge, “The circumstances of the statement support its voluntariness: the statement was non-custodial, chivalrous in nature and clearly spontaneous.”

Cops seized nearly 10 pounds of marijuana, boxes of Viagra and seven guns from his home, according to court papers.

“There’s no question that he’s a chivalrous guy,” said defense lawyer Timothy Parlatore. “This wasn’t a motion that we really needed to win anyway because we were never planning on blaming his wife at trial.”



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