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Friday, December 12, 2014

Judge rips Genovese captain at sentencing

Genovese capo Conrad Ianniello leaves Brooklyn Federal Court after being sentenced to three years in prison for extortion.
A Brooklyn judge who has sentenced scores of gangsters unleashed an epic reprimand of a remorseless Genovese capo Thursday before sentencing the hoodlum to three years in prison for extorting a union.
“You’re bad for America,” Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis said. “Your behavior disgusts me.”
On the receiving end of the blast was Conrad Ianniello, 71, the nephew of deceased Genovese underboss Matthew "Matty the Horse" Ianniello. He had pleaded guilty to ordering the president of a union local to back off from organizing workers at a Long Island chocolate factory so another union preferred by the mob could move in. “We are going to do it diplomatically and if that doesn’t work I am going to f--- him up,” Ianniello said on a wiretap.
Ianniello mumbled an apology to his family in Brooklyn Federal Court, triggering the judge’s fury. “When organized crime figures try to influence the lawful process of organizing a workplace with a labor union, the rights of many people are adversely affected,” Garaufis said.
“You need to apology to this country,” the judge continued. “Your behavior disgusts me. I’m tired of mobsters coming into this courtroom and apologizing to their families when they should apologize to their country.”
Outside the courtroom, Ianniello was asked by the Daily News if he wanted to apologize to anyone else. “We have nothing more to say,” his lawyer, Lisa Scolari, responded. Ianniello reverted back to tough-guy mode when he told The News’ photographer, “I’m gonna drop you on your head.”



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