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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Son of Vinny Gorgeous sentenced to two years in prison for marijuana trafficking

Vincent Basciano Jr. was sentenced to two years in prison for hustling marijuana.
Like father, like sons.
The son of notorious Bonanno mob boss Vincent " Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano was sentenced to two years in prison Tuesday — meaning he'll join his dad and two brothers behind bars.
Vincent Basciano Jr., 33, was part of a Bronx pot-trafficking ring that sold roughly two pounds of marijuana a week to some 300 regular customers, authorities said. Basciano Jr.’s two brothers, Stephen and Joseph, also pleaded guilty for their roles in the trafficking operation.
“I apologize to the court, my family and most of all my son,” Basciano Jr. said. “I made a poor decision when my back was against the wall.”
Manhattan Federal Court Judge Richard Sullivan cut Basciano Jr. a break by giving him two years in prison plus one year of home confinement, rather than three years total.
Sullivan said he wanted Basciano Jr. to be able to tend to his 5-year-old son who has special needs.
“My determination is it's better to have you home than in jail, for the sake of your son,” Sullivan said.
Vincent’s brothers, Stephen and Joseph, were sentenced to three and half years and six months, respectively.
Their ruthless and well-groomed father is serving a life sentence in a Colorado maximum security prison for multiple murder convictions.



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