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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Alleged mobster has job application denied after two year probe

A city commission took nearly two years to run a background check on a reputed mobster.

In 2012, alleged mob associate Frank Coppola sought to work as a sales rep for Mr. T carting Corp in Queens.

And in late 2014, the Business Integrity Commission — which was established to root out mob ties on the waterfront and in waste-hauling industries — finally ruled to nix his bid for a job.

The commission said Coppola “lacks good character, honesty and integrity” because of his reputed ties to the Gambino and Lucchese crime families.

Coppola served nearly five years on a felony conviction related to a waterfront cocaine-ring bust in 1996.

In court papers, Coppola’s lawyers argued that he had paid his debt to society and noted that the commission cleared him to work in 2010.

Coppola, 54, worked for Metropolitan Recycling Corp in Queens from 2010 to 2012 “without incident,” the lawyers said.

Officials say he hadn’t been formally approved.

Coppola didn’t return a message and his lawyer declined comment.



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