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Monday, March 23, 2015

Feds seek top sentence against Bonanno captain who exhumed and reburied body

The feds want a judge to throw the book at a Bonanno hood who’s dad was charged as one of the Lufthansa Heist crew members immortalized in “Goodfellas,” and whose own mob resume includes the requisite exhuming and reburying a body and torching of a nightclub.
Jerome Asaro, the son of longtime Bonanno capo Vincent Asaro, faces federal sentencing guidelines of 77 to 96 months in prison when his fate is handed down by Judge Allyne Ross Thursday.
Citing his grisly mob resume — including digging up and reburying a whacked family associate — prosecutor Nicole Argentieri lobbied in court papers for the top end of the sentencing scale.
Asaro dug up and reburied Paul Katz, a Bonanno crony who the feds say was slain by his father and James “Jimmy The Gent” Burke, a powerful family associate who inspired Robert DeNiro’s Jimmy Conway character in the 1990 Martin Scorsese classic film.
Katz went missing in 1969, after Burke became suspicious he was cooperating with authorities, law enforcement sources have said. He was strangled with a chain.
Katz’s traumatized son still wears a mustache so he doesn’t resemble his late father, Argentieri noted in a filing.
“While the defendant did not strangle Katz to death, his actions made it easier for those responsible to evade being held accountable for their crimes, for the cold blooded murder of Paul Katz,” the filing states.
Asaro also copped to assisting in the arson of an Ozone Park nightclub in 1981 after a neighboring Italian merchant learned that it would cater to a largely black clientele, according to court documents.
Asaro’s ailing father is awaiting trial in Brooklyn federal court.



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