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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Judge sends Bonanno mobster back to jail for violating parole

Bingo just wasn’t going to cut it for this aging Bonanno.

A Brooklyn federal judge​ scolded a geriatric mobster for violating his supervised release by meeting up with old criminal colleagues after getting out of jail for attempted murder.

After sentencing reputed Bonanno Bronx street boss John Palazzolo, 77, to a year and a day behind bars, Judge Nicholas Garaufis ​lectured the teetering hoodlum for falling back into his life of crime.

“The court is extremely concerned about the behavior that brings us to this day,” Garaufis said. “It’s rather astonishing that a person in your medical condition, Mr. Palazzolo, would be engaged in meeting with persons who are maybe involved in organized criminal activities.”

Palazzolo served ​10 years in prison before his 2012 release. He was arrested in March for convening with several of his old cohorts in what the feds assert was a bid to take over a Queens Bonanno crew.

The frail thug, who hobbled into court and used a chair during the proceeding, claims that he suffers from several undisclosed medical ailments.

“Instead of your family taking care of you, you now have the United States Bureau of Prisons taking care of you,” Garuafis said.

The geezer gangster’s probation officer told the court that he repeatedly warned him against sidling up to his old pals.

“I was trying to avoid getting us to this point,” said Lawrence Goldman.



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