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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bonanno captain asks to be released from jail pending outcome of upcoming trial

Citing rickety health, the Bonanno Oldfella charged with taking part in the legendary 1978 ​JFK ​Lufthansa heist immortalized in ​the movie ​”Goodfellas” wants out of captivity pending the​ outcome of his upcoming trial in Brooklyn federal court.

Reputed Bonanno capo Vincent Asaro, 80, filed a sealed request to Judge Allyne Ross that lobbied for a release from the clink.

But a scathing retort from federal prosecutor Alicyn Cooley revealed that Asaro cited the rigors of having to travel from prison to court each d​​ay as grounds for a temporary reprieve.

Cooley did not specify what ailments Asaro​ whined about in the letter or what aspect of his daily trip to Brooklyn federal court he found intolerable.

“The defendant describes these conditions and past procedures he has undergone without specificity, but nevertheless argues that, in combination with the strain of daily transportation to the courthouse, they compel his release,” Cooley wrote.

The ancient mobster apparently suggested that he could crash at his girlfriend’s house during the trial and would be generously willing to be fitted with an electronic monitoring device.

But Cooley dismissed the desperate plea and requested that Ross keep Asaro right where he is when the trial starts on Oct. 19.
The Lufthansa heist was depicted in Martin Scorsese’s 1990 mob classic “Goodfellas.”

The prosecutor cited the severity of Asaro’s alleged crimes — including murder and “the infamous armed robbery of millions of dollars and jewelry from the Lufthansa Airlines terminal” in 1978 — as grounds to establish his “present dangerousness to the community.”

Asaro apparently argued that the murder rap against him for killing a suspected informant with a dog chain in 1969 is so musty that it isn’t relevant to his present threat level.

But Cooley retorted in her filing that Asaro didn’t let the onset of his golden years preclude him from mafia crimes well into his seventies.

The prosecutor stated that a freed up Asaro would be able to conduct family business from his beau’s pad at leisure and could even intimidate witnesses at the “high stakes” upcoming trial.

Ross will rule on Asaro’s Hail Mary at a later date.



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