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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Charley Pepsi gets 33 months for money laundering

A Bonanno crime family associate was sentenced to 33 months in prison in Brooklyn federal court Thursday for his role in a money laundering scheme.
Charles “Charley Pepsi” Centaro conspired with Gambino associate Franco Lupoi to wash $370,000 in cash from drug and weapons deals, according to Brooklyn federal prosecutors.
Prosecutors, who pushed for 41 months, said that Centaro was paid $45,750 for his efforts.
“Without money launderers like Centaro and his co-conspirators, illegal ventures like drug and firearms trafficking would be far less lucrative,” wrote prosecutor Kristin Mace in a pre-sentencing filing.
In lobbying for leniency in court filings, Centaro’s attorney Joseph Mure stated that he suffered from a serious gambling addiction that likely led to his criminal conduct.
He also painted Centaro as a loving son who took care of his elderly parents.
“I am ashamed of myself for even considering what I did, let alone doing it,” Centaro said in a court filing before his sentencing in front of Judge Sterling Johnson.



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