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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Big Ang's cousin on trial had a cache of weapons during 2011 traffic stop

Luigi Grasso (left) appears in State Supreme Court on Monday, to stand trial on weapons charges related to a 2011 Second Ave. traffic stop.
“Mob Wives” relative Luigi Grasso had a cache of weapons, zip ties, ammo and other nefarious items when he and his accomplice were out on a “job” in 2011, prosecutors said Monday.

Grasso, whose cousin is Angela "Big Ang" Raiola from the VH1 reality show, is already serving a 38-year federal prison sentence and has another 17 years in a Staten Island case.

He’s now standing trial in Manhattan Supreme Court on weapons charges stemming from a traffic stop on Second Ave. four years ago.

Prosecutor Brian Rodkey suggested in his opening statement that Grasso, 48, and his co-defendant were up to no good while driving around armed and that wiretap calls revealed they were following a stocky man they called their “target.”

But Grasso’s lawyer, Alex Grosshtern, told jurors they “maybe get to dislike Mr. Grasso” after hearing “ugly” things about him, but they should focus only on the charges in the case. He argued the NYPD’s Organized Crime unit “had nothing on him for months and decided to grab him that day.”

Grasso, aka Ronnie Petrino, was convicted last year in Brooklyn Federal Court for his role in a fatal robbery. He was not the shooter.



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