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Monday, December 28, 2015

Sentencing delayed until February 2016 for Chicago outfit mobster

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Sentencing for a reputed member of the Cicero Street Crew has been delayed until February.
About a dozen friends and family members showed up Monday for reputed mobster Paul Carparelli’s sentencing on extortion charges, but U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman told Carparelli and his lawyers she wanted more time to review what she called a 2-foot-high stack of filings made by both the government and Carparelli’s supporters.
There is a wide disparity between the two sides’ expectations, with Carparelli seeking probation and the feds asking for a sentence of more than 11 years.
Carparelli pleaded guilty in May to his key role in a series of extortion conspiracies around Chicago as well as in Las Vegas, the East Coast and one in Wisconsin that caused the debtor to urinate in his pants and hand over a Ford Mustang because he feared Carparelli’s henchmen.
Carparelli’s request for probation asserted that because he’s a single parent, he needs to be out of prison to take care of his teenage son. Federal prosecutors, in contrast, were asking for a sentence of 135 months — that’s 11 years and 3 months.
The feds captured the reputed Cicero Street Crew member’s colorful way with words on thousands of secret recordings as he bossed around a 300-pound enforcer, ordered up brutal beatings, and concerned himself only with the hierarchy of the Chicago Outfit.
The feds say he’s a key associate of organized crime figures in Chicago, while his attorney contends Carparelli is nothing more than a big-talking wannabe wise guy.
In U.S. District Court filings, Carparelli also asked Coleman for a break because he was once a firefighter.
The investigation that nabbed Carparelli has already resulted in prison sentences for several of Carparelli’s associates, including five years for Robert McManus, four years for Michael “Mickey” Davis, 46 months for Mark Dziuban and Frank Orlando, and 38 months for Vito Iozzo.
Carparelli, of Itasca, was arrested July 23, 2013, as he drove up to his home with his son in the car, according to the feds. He had cocaine and tested positive for it, and agents found two guns and $175,000 cash in his home.



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