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Monday, January 18, 2016

Feds seek prison term for Boston mobster for selling potent form of marijuana known as Skywalker

Anthony Dinunzio
Federal prosecutors are seeking a 21-month prison term for a reputed mobster who pleaded guilty in a case alleging that he and his co-defendants sold a potent form of marijuana known as “Skywalker” in Massachusetts, court records show.
The government filed its sentencing request on Wednesday in US District Court in Boston for Louis J. DiNunzio, 29, of Medford. He pleaded guilty in September to a marijuana distribution conspiracy charge.
DiNunzio, who prosecutors said belongs to La Cosa Nostra, is the son of Anthony DiNunzio and the nephew of Carmen “The Cheese Man” DiNunzio, who both allegedly led the New England Mafia before serving prison sentences.
Carmine P. Lepore, a lawyer for Louis DiNunzio, declined to comment on Wednesday, except to say that he will ask for a “substantially less” severe punishment for his client.
According to federal prosecutors, Louis DiNunzio and three other men conspired between July 2013 and February 2014 to import large amounts of high-grade marijuana from California to Massachusetts, where it was distributed.
Among the shipments was a 23-pound haul of “Skywalker,” which probably generated a profit of about $20,000 for Louis DiNunzio and a co-defendant, prosecutors wrote in Wednesday’s filing.
The government also quoted an excerpt from an online forum, in which an enthusiastic user of “Skywalker” wrote that the drug induces a “very energetic high, long lasting with some munchie stirring abilities.”
In addition, prosecutors said Louis DiNunzio has a prior conviction for “running a ‘casino-style’ gambling table at the Sons of Italy social club in Boston” and also worked at his uncle’s cheese shop in the North End, which the FBI had bugged during its investigation of Carmen DiNunzio.
Louis DiNunzio remains free pending sentencing, which is scheduled for Tuesday. He could not be reached for comment.
Several people recently wrote letters to the sentencing judge in support of him, including his grandfather, Michael Uva, who described DiNunzio as “a good person that made a mistake and wants a better future.”
DiNunzio’s mother, Diane Uva-DiNunzio, wrote that her son currently works full time in construction and spent three weeks in custody, mainly in solitary confinement, before he was freed on bail.
That time, she said, “was an eye-opening experience that was truly life changing for him. . . . I know Louis has learned his lesson.”


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