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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Elderly Bonanno captain sent back to prison for meeting with fellow mobsters

Joseph DeSimone, 82, isn't too old for prison, Brooklyn Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis ruled.
An octogenarian Bonanno capo will have to spend the next two years in jail contemplating his retirement from the mob.
Reputed capo Joseph DeSimone, 82, was caught attending two high-level mob meetings last year in violation of his supervised release — and just a few months after he had finished a 12-year term for his role in a gangland murder.
"He's 82-years-old, he should be playing with his grandchildren, not going to mob meetings," Brookyln Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis observed.
DeSimone's lawyer James Neville said that the oldfella has told him that he done with the mob.
"He said, 'This going back to jail isn't for me. I can't do this anymore,'" Neville said Tuesday in Brooklyn Federal Court, and added that DeSimone will soon be a great-grandfather.
The judge did not sound convinced by DeSimone's retirement plans.
"The sentence will give him time to reflect on how he might enjoy his retirement with his children and his grandchildren and his great-grandchild," Garaufis said. "Most men don't live to 82. You would think he would relish the idea of retiring to be with his family and his grandchildren and the life God has blessed him with.
"But for some reason, Mr. DeSimone still wants to play the game."
The two meetings were held on Sundays, in Queens and Staten Island, when the mobsters apparently thought law enforcement had the day off. The purpose of the meetings apparently centered on the Bonanno capos attempting to rebuild the crime family under new street boss Joseph Cammarano Jr., according to court papers.
U.S. Probation Officer Robert Anton called the mob meetings the "most egregious association violation" involving organized crime members in the last 25 five years.



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