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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Junior Gotti refuses Gambino turncoat's offer

It was an offer he could refuse.
John Gotti Jr. told the Post he is a “forgiving guy” but when it comes to old pal-turned-mortal-enemy John Alite offering him an olive branch, the answer is afanabola!
In other words, go to hell.
“He is one of the most shameless human beings that God has created. He is one of the sickest human beings … He uses the Gotti theme to enhance his career,” Junior said when informed that Alite, who once testified against him, wanted to meet and mend fences.
The Post reported Saturday on a Serbian newspaper’s allegation that ex-mobster Alite started the blaze that gutted a Serbian cathedral on West 25th Street last Sunday. Alite told the Post the accusation was “ridiculous,” but dismissed theories that Gotti was behind it.
He then reached out to his blood rival. “What I would say to him is: Just meet me and end this,” Alite said. “Be man enough and shake my hand and end it.”
Gotti did not buy the good will. “You know who started that rumor? John Alite,” Gotti laughed. “This is what he does.”
Junior theorized Alite planted the story himself because it gives him publicity.
‘He’s making a documentary about himself. He’s trying to market himself on the Gotti name.’
 - John Gotti Jr. on John Alite
“He’s making a documentary about himself,” Gotti said. “He’s trying to market himself on the Gotti name.”
Gotti said his family banished the former hit man decades ago.
“You don’t see John Alite post-1991. He was slapped by me and chased out of the neighborhood, “ Gotti said.
Gotti said the two will never again be paisans.
“If he’s willing to come to terms with all his lies, I’m a very forgiving guy,’’ Gotti said. “[But] I would never put myself on the same platform as John Alite. … I don’t wish the guy any bad, but he’s trying to cash in and make a career.”
Alite took the stand against Gotti Jr. in a 2009 racketeering case which ended in a hung jury.
“I fought five trials in 37 months. I think that’s a world record. In four of the five I was facing life … He bombed miserably at my trial,” said Gotti, who claims he has left the gangster life. “Due to his testimony, I’m home.”



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