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Thursday, October 20, 2016

John Gotti's grandson appears in court for drug case

The Dapper Don’s namesake grandson paid no homage to his heritage in court Wednesday, clad in crumpled jumpsuit and smudged glasses.

Twenty-three-year-old John Gotti’s past bravado was nowhere to be found as he stood limply before Queens Supreme Court Justice Suzanne Melendez.

His mob scion dad, Peter Gotti, looked on as his son appeared stoically alongside his lawyer Gerard Marrone–who hinted that a plea deal might be in the works.

“I’m sorry, I can’t talk” the father later said outside the courtroom while standing with his wife, who declined to comment. “That’s my child.”

“If it was me it’d be different, but because he’s my kid I don’t want to talk,” Gotti mumbled. He added his son is “doing fine” behind bars.

While Marrone has previously said he didn’t request protective custody for his “tough-guy” client — Gotti was sporting the tell-tale orange garb Wednesday.

The young Gotti has also been getting help with his pain-killer addiction while in Rikers, according to the attorney.

The tatted-up mob-offspring was nabbed in August after cops raided his late grandfather’s Howard Beach home, and uncovered a trove of dough and drugs.

That case has since been consolidated with a June arrest, in which authorities allege to have found a Gucci bag with more than 200 Oxycodone pills and other drugs in the beefy youth’s car console.

Gotti is facing anywhere between 15 to 25 years-to-life in prison, if convicted of the felony charges.

He’s scheduled to return to court Dec. 21.



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