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Friday, March 3, 2017

John Gotti's grandson gets 8 years in prison for drug charges

Mob boss John Gotti’s namesake grandson received an eight-year prison sentence Thursday as part of his plea bargain on charges of running a $1.6 million-a-year oxycodone ring in his Queens neighborhood.

John Gotti, 23, also agreed to forfeit $259,996 in seized drug profits as part of the deal reached last month with Queens prosecutors.

He was busted twice last summer on drug charges, including once in the very home where his grandfather rose to notoriety as the “Dapper Don.”

“The sentence imposed today by the court sends a strong message to all drug dealers that illegal drug trafficking in Queens will not be tolerated,” said District Attorney Richard Brown.

“Drug abuse and misuse can destroy the lives of young people and wreak havoc in our communities.”

Mob boss John Gotti.

Gotti becomes the third generation of his family to land behind bars, following in the fingerprints of his grandfather John, his uncle John "Junior" Gotti and at least three other relatives.

When cops raided his residence last August, they discovered 500 oxycodone tablets and $40,000 in cash. The probe of young Gotti was dubbed “Operation Beach Party.”



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