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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mobster is cuffed for sexual assault outside courthouse

Robert Pisani, a defendant in an organized crime case, gets taken into custody on a new assault case outside the Brooklyn federal courthouse.
A mobster sat through a routine court date in a Brooklyn federal loansharking case — but got a rude surprise when two NYPD detectives took him into custody outside the courthouse for another crime.
Robert Pisani, 44, was arrested for a recent assault, police say.
According to authorities, the victim said she was alone with Pisani on April 28 — a month after Pisani, a Bonanno crime family associate, made $500,000 bond on the federal case.
When they were alone in Pisani’s Queens deli, he allegedly grabbed the victim’s buttocks, unhooked her bra and tried pulling her shirt up, police said.
Pisani allegedly grabbed her left hand and put it in his pants.
The members of the Special Victims Unit waited in the courthouse lobby in downtown Brooklyn and walked out with Pisani.
Pisani did not answer questions from reporters and shielded his face from cameras.
Pisani’s lawyer, Seth Ginsberg, said he had no comment — except to say "my client is innocent."
Pisani and one other man had made bond in the 10-defendant federal loansharking case.
According to federal prosecutors, the deli Pisani owned in Broad Channel, All American Deli, was the site of some shake downs in a loansharking operation that raked in $26 million.
Pisani allegedly employed Ronald "Ronnie G" Giallanzo — an acting Bonanno capo and the kingfish of the loansharking scheme — for a few months and let him make collections from the shop. Pisani also allegedly did his own collections on gambling debts and loans from the business, court papers said.
Pisani already has several convictions on his record, according to federal prosecutors.
In 1993, Pisan pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault. In 1999 he was arrested on charges and ended up with an insurance fraud conviction. In 2001, he was arrested again and later pleaded to an attempted assault misdemeanor.



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