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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Ontario mobster is whacked in suspected revenge murder

It has been 20 years to the month since Johnny "Pops" Papalia was whacked with a gunshot to the head in broad daylight in Hamilton.
Revenge was promised.
Now, two decades later, one of the men originally charged with the execution of the gangster known as “The Enforcer” has met the same fate in a brazen afternoon shooting in the quiet Hamilton suburb of Waterdown.
It was not quiet at around 4 p.m. when eight gun shots rang out.
Angelo Musitano was hit as he sat in his pickup truck in his driveway at 14 Chesapeake Dr.
Det. Sgt. Peter Thom said the shooting was targeted and the public isn’t in danger.
He described the gunman as a stocky man wearing a dark toque, black jacket, grey pants and dark shoes, who took off in a dark four-door sedan.
“This is a mob hit, in my opinion, no question,” said crime specialist Ross McLean, a former Toronto Police officer. “Detectives from many services will compare and share notes to try to determine who was behind it.”
He said they will start by looking back to the May 31, 1997 contract killing of Papalia in the parking lot next to his Galaxy Vending building.
“In these feuds and disputes mobsters and Mafia members are like elephants, they have long memories,” said McLean. “When there is a case like this police will follow the money and there is lots of it moving around with today’s Mafia. It’s in the tens of millions.”
For Papalia’s brazen shooting, Angelo Musitano and his brother Pat were both charged with first-degree murder but later made a deal with the Crown to plead guilty to conspiracy to kill Papalia’s associate, Niagara Mafia figure Carmen Barillaro.
Both served 10-year prison sentences but have faced threats ever since 1997.
Just last year, a vehicle belonging to Pat exploded. And now Angelo was hit with a flurry of bullets by an apparent drive-by shooter.
“Clearly this is a war between families over history and over money,” said McLean.
Revenge completed?



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