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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Supporters pack courtroom as Genovese captain pleads guilty

Supporters packed a Manhattan federal courthouse Monday to cheer reputed Genovese capo Pasquale “Patsy” Parrello — including a priest and a couple of plumbers — as he pleaded guilty to extortion charges.

“Thanks for coming, everybody,” a smiling Parrello, 72, said as he waved to the crowd.

“We love you,” several people shouted back. Some of them blew kisses at Parrello or stood to pay tribute to him as he was cuffed and chained by US Marshals and brought back to prison, where he has been since his arrest last year.

Parrello, who looks as if he has been pumping iron in prison, copped to three counts, admitting that he ordered underlings to beat people up and threaten them over debts.

“I want Buddy to choke him, choke him, actually choke the motherf–ker . . . and tell him, ‘Listen to me . . . Next time I’m not gonna stop choking . . . I’m gonna kill you,’ ” Parrello said of a guy who owed $30,000 to reputed Lucchese associate Pasquale “Mustache Pat” Capolongo, the feds said.

Parrello, who allegedly ran his crew out of his red-sauce joint Pasqual’s Rigoletto on Arthur Avenue in The Bronx, faces between five and seven years in the slammer when he is sentenced Sept. 7.



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