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Sunday, June 25, 2017

John Gotti Jr is angry recently released Colombo mobster was in jail for so long

Junior Gotti has a brand new beef with the feds — he’s outraged that geezer gangster John “Sonny’’ Franzese was held in prison past his 100th birthday.
“The government should be ashamed of themselves for holding [Franzese] that long,” said Gotti who served as acting boss of the Gambino crime family after his late father, John J. Gotti, was sent on a one-way trip up the river.
“Most civilized countries have a compassionate release program,” Gotti noted.
“The US system rarely gives you that compassionate release unless you’re a rat,” he said — which Franzese was not.
Junior pointed out that releasing elderly prisoners would save the government money because “the taxpayers would no longer have to support them.’’
Gotti said he met Franzese, who was sprung from a Massachusetts prison hospital Friday, “maybe a few times.”
But he fumed that he knows first-hand about the feds not having compassion, since they kept his dad “until his last breath.”
“In the case of Sonny Franzese, he was not doing a life sentence. He was doing a 7-year sentence,’’ Gotti said. “He was wheelchair bound. It’s vindictiveness on the part of the government.”
Gotti cut the interview short because he was “driving on the highway and didn’t want to get a ticket.”
Franzese is now living with a daughter in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
A woman who answered the door Saturday said, “It’s a joy to have him back.’’ She added, “He’s old. He’s spending time with his family.’’



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