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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Twin brothers busted in murder of Gambino associate found in waters off Brooklyn

These Brooklyn twins were deadly double trouble.

Bloodthirsty brothers Louie and Vincent Iacono were busted in the mob-style rubout of a pal whose body was found in the waters off Brooklyn — with a cinder block tied to his ankles, police said Thursday.

The 36-year-old Iacono brothers were charged in the murder of mob scion Carmine Carini Jr. after their extradition from Indiana to New York, police said.

The duo were nabbed Sept. 6 after a 12-mile, high-speed chase ended with the Iaconos in handcuffs

The dead man was identified as Carmine Carini Jr., 35, the son of a Gambino crime family associate by the same name. Cops said he was beaten to death with a hammer, and the Iaconos were arrested with the possible murder weapon in their car.

Carini was found floating in the Mill Basin Inlet off E. 58th St. and Avenue U on Sept. 2, just a few blocks from the home he shared with the alleged killers.

His body was wrapped in a tarp bound with duct tape, cops said, and he was weighed down with an orange cord tied from his ankles to the block.

The body was also tied to a bucket filled with construction materials in an effort to keep the remains submerged.

Law enforcement sources said Louie Iacono repeatedly struck Carini in the head with a hammer as he tried to rob his roomie inside their E. 64th St. apartment around Aug. 30.

He then recruited his brother to help dispose of the corpse, with the siblings subsequently heading west to dodge investigators.

Carmine Carini, 35, was found dead wrapped in a tarp and chained to a cinder block in the waters of Mill Basin near Avenue U and East 58th Street just blocks from his house in Marine Park.

Carini’s body surfaced a few days later, with investigators determining the victim suffered massive head trauma, a broken skull and a broken jaw.

Cops quickly identified the Iacono brothers as suspects when their names surfaced in interviews with the victim’s family and neighborhood friends, police said.

The brothers were zipping along Interstate 70 in Henry County, Ind., when a cop stopped their Chevrolet Avalanche for tailgating and a license plate violation.

When the cop asked for identification, driver Louie Iacono sped off, according to county officials and the Courier Times newspaper.

Cops pursued the brothers off the highway into a nearby Walmart parking lot where Louie drove onto a patch of grass in a bid to escape.

He ultimately pulled up to the store entrance, jumping from the car and running inside the superstore.

He was grabbed by police near the cash registers, cops said. Vincent remained in the car, where cops arrested him and found a stash of prescription pills and heroin, officials said.

Cops also found three hammers in the vehicle — including one covered in blood, prosecutors said.

Investigators now believe the duo were driving cross country when they were busted.

The body was found on September 2nd in Brooklyn.

Henry County police charged Louie Iacono with criminal recklessness, resisting law enforcement and drug possession. His brother was also hit with resisting law enforcement and drug possession.

Both pleaded guilty to the charges on Nov. 17 and were sentenced to time served. By then, they were linked to the Brooklyn murder and held for extradition.

After the brothers waived an extradition hearing, NYPD investigators traveled Monday to the Midwest and delivered the duo back to New York, a department spokesman said.

Police charged Louie Iacono with murder for allegedly killing Carini and tampering with evidence. He was ordered held without bail Thursday at his arraignment.

His brother, charged with hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence, was held on $250,000 bail.

“(Vincent Iacano) is charged for his role in the wrapping of the body,” Assistant District Attorney Timothy Gough said Thursday. “They weighed it down with cinder-blocks and dumped it in Jamaica Bay, then fled.”

Louie Iacono has five prior arrests, according to court records, including for criminal mischief and driving without a license.

His brother Vincent has been arrested 23 times, mostly for drug possession and trespass, cops said.



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