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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Feds say John Gotti's grandson should serve his entire prison sentence

The namesake grandson of impeccably dressed mob boss John "Dapper Don" Gotti should get issued to prison jumpsuits.

Federal prosecutors, rebutting a call for leniency by the family of 24-year-old John J. Gotti, recommended the third-generation crook serve a good chunk of time for bank robbery and pill-peddling convictions.

“For nearly all of the defendant's adult life, he has been involved in serious criminal activity including drug dealing, arson, criminal possession of a weapon and bank robbery," prosecutors wrote in a pre-sentencing letter.

Gotti's family insists the sobered-up young man is no hard case and deserves a break. His grandpa was the head of the Gambino crime family, and died behind bars at age 61.

According to Brooklyn federal prosecutors, young Gotti should serve all of his eight years of state time on the drug rap.

Once finished, he should do half of his federal five- to- six-year rap for a car arson and the robbery.

Michael Guidici, 22, and his pet bird are seen in a photo provided in a court document. Guidici participated in a 2012 Maspeth bank robbery with John J. Gotti, 24, and Matthew Rullan.

Gotti's girlfriend, though the bank teller, was not charged in the 2012 robbery, court papers said.

One of Gotti’s co-defendants piled on the nice-guy evidence as well in an effort to draw a lesser sentence — even posing with a colorful bird perched on his shoulder.

Michael Guidici, now 22, walked into Maspeth Federal Savings and Loan, passed a note claiming he had a bomb and walked out with about $6,000.

Gotti zoomed off with Guidici and Matthew "Fat Matt" Rullan in the car.

The arson occurred weeks earlier, after aging wise guy Vincent Asaro became livid when another driver cut him off in traffic. Rullan helped torch the miscreant’s offending vehicle.

Guidici, in his Monday court papers, showed off his soft side, including his love of animals — such as the pet bird standing on the smiling Guidici's shoulder.

The arson occurred after Vincent Asaro became livid when another driver cut him off in traffic.

"During a meeting counsel's cockatiel took a real liking to Mike," said his defense lawyer Vivian Shevitz.

Guidici, now a chef and manager in his family's pizzeria, pleaded guilty in July. Rullan, 27, is also hoping for a below-guidelines sentence.

Sentences dates for the trio are not yet scheduled.



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