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Friday, June 1, 2018

FBI agent says mob murder victim refused to cooperate with feds

The made man who once proved allegiance to Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme by arranging a hit gave up the ex-Mafia godfather without hesitation yesterday for the gangland execution of Steven DiSarro.
Surrounded in U.S. District Judge Allison D. Burroughs’ courtroom by plainclothes U.S. marshals, former mafia capo Robert “Bobby” DeLuca testified it was he who counseled Salemme to “get rid of” DiSarro, 43, if he believed the Westwood dad was ripping “the family” off via their secret partnership in The Channel rock club, as well as leaking information about Salemme to the feds.
“I said, ‘Get rid of him. Throw him out. You don’t need him.’ He said, ‘Yeah, Frankie Boy will take care of that,’ ” DeLuca, 72, claimed Salemme — who was referring to his late son Frank Jr. — assured him over a 1993 meal in Providence’s Little Italy.
But a former fed testified the mobsters may have been wrong about DiSarro.
Robert Walther, the now-retired FBI special agent who tried to recruit DiSarro as an informant against the mob shortly before he was killed by using a looming bank-fraud indictment as leverage, told jurors, “He never called me back, that’s for sure.”
DeLuca has been incarcerated since his arrest in 2016. He is awaiting sentencing in Boston for his guilty plea to lying to investigators about the DiSarro murder. He also faces up to 10 years in Rhode Island for conspiring in 1992 to murder Kevin Hanrahan, 39, a mob enforcer Salemme feared was plotting to blow him up. DeLuca ruthlessly recounted yesterday how he not only orchestrated Hanrahan’s killing in Providence by two hit men, he watched from across the street as Hanrahan was shot to death so he could report to Salemme, “Things look good.”
DeLuca testified ­Salemme, 84, confided in 1993 he watched as his son “picked up” DiSarro by hooking an arm around the doomed nightclub owner’s neck and “was strangling him and killing him” while Paul Weadick, the elder Salemme’s murder ­co-defendant, held DiSarro’s legs in the Sharon home of Salemme Sr.’s ex-wife.
DeLuca said he was less forthcoming when he later had to answer Salemme’s prying questions about whether he and his brother Joe DeLuca had followed his orders to clean out DiSarro’s pockets, remove the tarp he was wrapped in and bury him with lime to speed up the decomposition. “I didn’t tell him that I wasn’t there,” said DeLuca, who also didn’t mention to Salemme the two men he let do his dirty work. “I said, ‘Yeah, I got three bags.’ I never got no lime. And the tarp was still on him.”



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