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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Ailing Colombo soldier turned used car salesman sentenced to jail for violating parole

An ailing Brooklyn Colombo family soldier-turned-used-car-salesman was sentenced Tuesday to a year and a day in prison for violating parole by communicating with other former mobsters.
Brooklyn Federal court judge Kiyo Matsumoto handed down the sentence at the behest of Ilario "Fat Larry" Sessa’s attorney James Froccaro, who noted that the mobster wouldn’t be eligible for time off for good behavior unless he was sentenced to at least one day longer than a year.
In court papers, Froccaro said Sessa was working as a salesman at 4 Guys Motors in Brooklyn when he made contact with his old associates.
Despite now being on the up and up, most people refused to do business with him, Froccaro said. “His old friends were trying to help him make legitimate money and a living in the used car business,” Froccaro wrote.

Sessa, 52, who uses a walker and suffers from a litany of health problems including lupus, morbid obesity, spinal stenosis, diabetes and coronary heart disease, blew his family a kiss in court.
Froccaro had asked that the convicted mobster be sentenced to time served for the parole violation, citing his many hospital stays and extensive pain while awaiting judgement in Metropolitan Detention Center since September.
Sessa needs spinal surgery to relieve excruciating pain and increase his mobility and heart surgery to repair blockage in his aorta that could kill him if untreated.
He violated parole by using six burner phones to communicate with at least two former Colombo family associates between December 2017 and July 2018.
“When someone goes through extraordinary lengths by using six disposable phones there's an obvious attempt to evade the probation departments condition,” Matsumoto said.
Sessa previously served five months for a similar violation.
“It is a concern that there is a seeming lack of understanding or appreciation or respect for the law,” Matsumoto said.
Sessa was initiated by acting boss Andrew "Mush" Russo the night of Jan. 12, 2011 following a sting operation that landed over 100 mobsters behind bars. Sources told the Daily News the secret ceremony took place in the intake room of the Metropolitan Detention Center after the lot had been arraigned.
The wise guy was serving a three-year term of supervised release following an 87-month stint in prison for a 2012 guilty plea to racketeering charges when he violated parole.



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