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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Mafia associates pay $45k cash for burial plot for murdered Gambino boss

It’s a burial spot to die for — and bought in true Mafia style.
Slain Gambino crime family boss Francesco “Franky Boy’’ Cali was laid to rest in a white-pillared, red-marble mausoleum on Staten Island on Tuesday — after his associates “came in with a suitcase on Saturday and paid my boss $45,000 in cash,’’ a gravedigger there told The Post.
“He’s up in the mausoleum, in the middle section,’’ the longtime worker said of Cali’s final resting place at the Moravian Cemetery, pointing to the top of a sprawling hill where the murdered mob chief now occupies a space on the lower level of the two-tiered structure — with a view of the ocean.
About three dozen long-stemmed white roses were scattered in front of Cali’s crypt, which bore a temporary white-tape label that read “FRANCESCO CALI 1965 2019.’’
The worker said that after Cali’s entombment, the small group of people who attended it walked down to the parking area, which is near the cemetery’s chapel and office.
“Some guy from ABC was asking a question in the office. And [a] mob guy said, ‘Get the f–k out of here before I blow your f–king head off,’ ” the worker said, chuckling.



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