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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Neighbors recall gunfire that led to murder of Gambino boss

Neighbors on Staten Island recalled on Thursday hearing the terrifying spray of gunfire that took down Gambino crime boss Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali.
The reputed mobster, 53, was shot dead just outside his Todt Hill mansion around 9:20 p.m. Wednesday — as his wife and young children were inside.
“About 9 last night, we were watching TV and we heard, ‘Pop! Pop! Pop!’ I thought it was fireworks,” said Fred Guinta, who lives directly behind Cali’s home in the quiet, upscale neighborhood. “My wife said, ‘Those are gunshots!’ It was six or eight shots.”
The gunman ran over the bleeding Cali — who was still alive — with his blue pickup truck before fleeing, sources said.
Another neighbor who didn’t want to be named also heard the shots.
“Then I looked out and saw a blue pickup zoom past my house and fly off the block,” he said. “I looked back and saw a guy and woman screaming. I ran back inside.”
Meanwhile, a nurse at Staten Island University Hospital North said he was working in the trauma unit when Cali came in, clinging to life.
“He came in alive, a level-one trauma case,” said the male nurse, who stopped by the scene of the murder Thursday morning. “Then he was listed as ‘code infusion,’ which means we were giving him massive infusions because of the extreme blood loss. He was pronounced just after.”
The stunned nurse added, “They must have worked on him for almost 15 minutes at the scene. He was shot at 9:17, EMS was done with him on scene around 9:30 and we got him at the hospital at 9:45.”
Cali was shot multiple times in the head and the body, sources said.
The hit at Hilltop Terrace occurred less than half a mile away from where Paul Castellano — the then-Gambino boss who was rubbed out on an order from John Gotti in 1985 — lived on Benedict Road.



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