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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Young man accused of killing Gambino family boss rants about conspiracies in court

The Q-Anon conspiracy theorist accused of killing a Mafia kingpin ranted wildly in court on Friday about an alleged CIA program called “Operation Mockingbird” and possessing evidence of global crime syndicates.
Anthony Comello, 25, said during a hearing on Staten Island that he has evidence stored on his phone of worldwide human-trafficking and drug-smuggling rings.
“I just want to say there is a lot on my phone and a lot of data about drug smuggling, human sex trafficking all over the country,” Comello said.
“I have everything from Australia to Ukraine to Italy to … Russia,” he continued.
Comello launched into the bizarre screed after his lawyer, Robert Gottlieb, asked Staten Island Supreme Court Justice William Garnett if his client could speak in court.
“Good luck, Wanda. Operation Mockingbird,” Comello said to Assistant District Attorney Wanda DeOliveira.
Operation Mockingbird was an alleged CIA program that used journalists to spread propaganda.
Comello — who is pursuing an insanity defense — is accused of killing the 53-year-old Francesco “Frank Boy” Cali in a brazen assassination in front of the purported Gambino boss’s house in Todt Hill.
Comello, who once appeared in court with symbols associated with the far-right “Q-Anon” conspiracy inked on his palm, allegedly confessed to the hit on Cali after his arrest.
But Comello’s possible motives for allegedly putting 11 rounds into the Gambino boss have been scattershot.
Following his arrest, law enforcement sources said that Comello allegedly killed Cali because the Mafia don wouldn’t let Comello date his daughter.
But in a court appearance in July, Comello’s lawyer said that his client was rubbing out someone he thought was a “prominent member of the ‘deep state’” — and that he pulled the trigger after failing to pull off a ‘citizen’s arrest.’
Garnett has ordered Comello to be interviewed by a psychiatrist on Monday — but Gottlieb said Comello is declining to comply with the order.
Cali’s death sent shockwaves through La Cosa Nostra — and touched off a brief whodunit for police, who initially suspected that the assassination was part of an intra-Mob struggle between Americans and Sicilians.
Federal agents allegedly picked up chatter on wiretaps put up on a few Gambino soldiers as part of a separate criminal investigation into the family that the don’s death could allow them to move up in the ranks.
In an intercepted conversation between Gambino soldiers Vincent Fiore and James Ciaccia, Fiore said Cali’s death “a good thing” because they both reported to a capo power whose star might rise within the family, court papers say.
Comello is due back in court on April 20.



  1. It is an act, he thinks he is the Chin.

  2. Instead he a physco and also thinks his votes and or political affiliation actually matter

  3. Seriously? The headline for this is "Young Man"???? He's a murderer. Yet, Cali is the one who gets the label and indecency?