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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Famous strip club founder turned mob informant accused of sexually abusing kids

The co-founder of famed Manhattan strip club Scores — who later turned FBI informant, helping to lock up dozens of mobsters — sexually abused two Brooklyn kids decades ago, according to court papers.
Michael Blutrich, now 70, was a coach and benefactor of the Shorefront YM-YWHA of Brighton-Manhattan Beach in the 1980s, when he allegedly befriended and then violated the kids, plying them with cash, expensive clothes and jewelry, they charged in Brooklyn Supreme Court lawsuits against the nonprofit.
One victim was 11 when he met Blutrich in 1982, an encounter which led to at least 500 incidents of abuse over the course of seven years — some of which the alleged pedophile videotaped, according to the litigation filed under the state’s Child Victims Act, which opened a one-year window in which to litigate old sexual-abuse claims.
Blutrich was a closeted Park Avenue lawyer in the early 1990s when he used money stolen in an insurance scam to launch the jiggle joint beloved by radio host Howard Stern.
The business ushered Blutrich, a one-time law partner of Andrew Cuomo, into dealings with the mob. By 1996 the feds came calling, recruiting Blutrich to secretly record the mafiosos and ultimately leading to the conviction of John “Junior” Gotti, among others.
He eventually earned a 25-year prison sentence in the $400 million insurance scheme, but his sentence was cut by a third in consideration of his work as a mob rat and he was released in 2013.
Shorefront did not respond to a message. Blutrich could not be reached.


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  1. That article is about me. Blutrich is a serial apex child rapist. He is currently living in Brooklyn back to his old ways.