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Friday, April 3, 2020

Widow of deceased Canadian mob boss robbed of her jewelry while she was at home


The house in Laval that now-deceased Mob boss Vito Rizzuto moved into months after he returned from having served time behind bars in the U.S. was broken into this week, according to La Presse.
Citing unnamed sources, the online newspaper reported Friday that Rizzuto’s widow, Giovanna Cammalleri, was inside the home, in the city’s Ste-Dorothée district, at the time but did not witness what happened.
Constable Stéphanie Beshara, a spokesperson for the Laval police, would not confirm that the victim of the crime was Rizzuto’s widow. She noted that it is standard policy for the police force to not identify the victim of a crime.
She confirmed that someone broke into a home in the Ste-Dorothée district at around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday by smashing a window and entering the home.
“A woman who was inside was watching television at the time and didn’t hear what happened. It was only later in the night, when she went to another part of the house, that she noticed a window had been broken and that jewelry had been stolen,” Beshara said, adding the jewelry is believed to be worth several thousand dollars.
The police spokesperson said investigators have “several images” to look at from security cameras installed either at the victim’s home or at a neighbouring house. As of Friday, no one has been arrested in connection with the theft.
The crime would have been unthinkable when Rizzuto was at the height of his power as the head of the Montreal Mafia. He took over the reins from his father Nicolo "Zio Cola" Rizzuto in the 1980s and his connections within the city’s underworld were extensive. Project Colisée, a lengthy investigation into his organization that came to an end in 2006, revealed how extensive his connections were. When a luxury sport utility vehicle that belonged to someone Rizzuto knew was stolen from the parking lot of a restaurant in Dorval, the Mob boss was able to locate it within hours and it was returned quickly.
The back of the home in Laval that was broken into faces the Islesmere Golf Club, a feature that was likely important to Rizzuto who played the sport frequently. The couple moved into the house during the summer of 2013, just months after he was released from a penitentiary in the U.S. He had served a 10-year prison term for having taken part in the murders of three Mafia captains, or capos, who were killed in New York in 1981. Rizzuto died of cancer on Dec. 23, 2013, just months after the couple moved into their new home.
When the couple moved, they left a much larger house on Antoine-Berthelet Ave. in northern Montreal where the family had lived for decades. The small street came to be known as Mafia Row because Rizzuto’s father, Nicolo, and his brother-in-law Paolo Renda resided on either side of him. At least two other associates of the organization lived on Antoine-Berthelet Ave. as well.
Rizzuto’s father was killed inside his home on Antoine-Berthelet Ave. before his son returned in 2012 and Renda was abducted, in 2010, while he just a short distance from Antoine-Berthelet Ave. Renda has never been seen since.



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