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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Turncoat nephew of former Genovese family boss gets no jail time for cooperating


The turncoat nephew of Vincent “Chin” Gigante was sentenced Tuesday to time served thanks to his cooperation with the government against his half-uncle and other Genovese gangsters.

Manhattan Federal Judge Jed Rakoff credited Vincent Fyfe with a “lengthy period of cooperation” that helped the feds win five mob-related convictions. Among those convictions is Vincent Esposito — the Chin’s love child and Fyfe’s half-uncle. Esposito is serving two years in prison for extorting a union official.

“I just want to say I totally understand the seriousness of the actions I took, the decisions I made and the consequences as a result of them,” Fyfe said, adding he wanted to “right the wrongs I committed.”

Fyfe pleaded guilty to embezzling $15,000 in union funds between 2005-08 in connection with his cooperation agreement. He must serve one year of probation.

His namesake grandfather, who died in 2005, ran the Genovese crime family for nearly two decades before his 1997 racketeering conviction and a subsequent guilty plea in 2003.

Dubbed the “Oddfather,” the Chin dodged conviction for years because of a “crazy act” in which he walked the streets outside a Greenwich Village headquarters in a ratty robe, slippers and a floppy cap.



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  1. "His 1997 racketeering conviction and a subsequent guilty plea in 2003." If he had a conviction in 97 then what did he plead guilty to in 2003? Or did you mean his indictment in 97 and his guilty plea in 2003